Today let’s look at some amazing beauty tips, tricks and secrets that women around the world successfully use in their beauty routine. Most of this beauty knowledge will require natural ingredients that you can easily find right in your kitchen. Let’s begin:

1) How to get glowing skin? Beauty tips from France:

French women, definitely, know the secret to perfectly smooth and glowing skin; their secret is very simple – it’s milk. Gentle lactic acid in milk is less harsh, than other exfoliating agents and chemical peels. Just pour 2-3 cups of whole milk into your bathtub (if you don’t have milk, you can use plain cream instead), add some honey and enjoy the relaxing moment. After taking such a wonderful, rejuvenating beauty bath your skin will be soft, smooth and, simply, gorgeous!

2) How to prevent stretch marks? Beauty tips from China:

Do you look for tips on how to prevent stretch marks? Or do you look for solution on how to get rid of them? Well, here is the trick: massage camellia oil into the concerned area of your skin two times a day (morning and evening); not only it will help get rid of or prevent the appearance of stretch marks, but also, it will nourish your skin and will help fight skin discoloration.

3) How to get healthy hair? Beauty tips from Morocco:

Argan oil is one of the most popular and most used oils in Morocco, this oil is even often called “Moroccan oil”. There are various ways that you can use this wonderful product: Argan oil can be your perfect face moisturizer (just massage couple of drops of it into your face and neck morning and/or night), you can also use it as your bath oil and body lotion (it absorbs into the skin very easily); you can use Argan oil for your hair as a leave-in conditioner, overnight hair treatment, shine booster and frizz tamer (a small amount goes a long way).

4) How to get rid of cellulite? Beauty tips form Brazil:

Every lady wants to rock that perfect cellulite-free bikini body (and this, not only in the summer, it doesn’t hurt to be in great shape during the entire year); but often ladies get stuck in that undesirable cellulite trap. How to get rid of cellulite? Well, Brazilian women have their special beauty treatment: they rub send into their bodies to stimulate circulation, thus, getting rid of cellulite.

5) How to get rid of dandruff? Beauty tips from Australia:

If you struggle with dandruff, here is a little trick that Australian women (and men) widely use: add a few drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo and forget about dandruff forever.

6) Healing honey from New Zealand:

Have you ever heard about Manuka honey? This honey is included into the list of most powerful super-foods. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it can very efficiently boost the immune system, preventing you from getting colds and various bugs. So, here is how you can prepare your perfect morning energy drink: add a tea spoon of Manuka honey into your morning lemon water and enjoy delicious energizing drink that will help you happily kickstart your day.

7) Great and natural moisturizer. Beauty tips from Greece:

Greek women know how to get that glowing, beautiful skin – they use a product that we all have in our kitchens: olive oil. Not only olive oil can sooth sunburns and relieve skin irritation and redness, but also, olive oil, thanks to its wonderful hydrating properties, can become your amazing, natural face and moisturizer. Apply it all over your wet body, while in the shower and then, pat your skin dry with the towel. Your body will be heavenly soft and smooth. In fact, italian women use it too, they massage olive oil into their skin and lips to soften, nourish and hydrate.

8) How to get beautiful skin? Japanese beauty tips:

Japanese women are famous for having that beautiful, flawless, porcelain skin. What are their beauty secrets? Well, first of all, they always treat their skin extremely gently – they never rub or tear it harshly. Second, they regularly drink Matcha green tea powder. What is Matcha green tea? Well, when it comes to acheving and maintaining vibrant health, Matcha green tea has no equals, it leaves all other teas behind; Matcha green tea powder is the antioxidants and minerals powerhouse, fat-burner, energy booster, cancer-fighter and your best friend, when it comes to anti-aging. This japanese green tea can help detoxify your body (which will make your skin, simply, perfect), lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and it can, merely, help you relax. Japanese women drink Matcha green tea on a regular basis and also, they make various skin care treatments with the use of Matcha green tea powder.

9) How to get rid of dark circles under eyes? Beauty tips from Spain:

Cut thin potato slices and apply them over your eyes for about 10 minutes. This simple, yet powerful remedy will help lighten the skin around your eyes, making your dark circles fade away and gradually disappear.

10) How to strengthen nails? Beauty tips from Dominican Republic:

Do you want to have strong, chip-free and healthy nails? If yes, try this beauty trick from Dominican Republic: chop up a little bit of garlic and add it in a bottle of clear nail polish; let it soak there for about 10 days, then, coat your nails with this treatment. Garlic has antibacterial properties, it will help strengthen the texture of your nails and make you forget about fingernails splitting and peeling. You can also apply garlic juice straight on your nails, but bare in mind that the smell of garlic will be around for couple of hours.

11) How to get healthy hair? Beauty tips from India:

Indian women are famous for having amazingly beautiful, silky and lustrous hair. How to get healthy hair just like they have? What are their beauty tips and secrets? Coconut oil is one of the best beauty friends of Indian women! There are various ways you can use this wonderful oil. Here is one simple way you can use it: slightly warm up coconut oil on a water bath, make sure it’s not hot, the temperature should be comfortable to touch; then, massage it into the roots of your hair and spread the rest of the oil to the length. Keep this treatment on your hair for, at least, 1 hour (you can even leave it overnight); then, shampoo and condition your hair, as usual. If you do this hair treatment once a week, you will notice tremendous difference in the way your hair looks: shinier, healthier and softer. (As a matter of fact, you can also add some neem into the coconut oil hair treatment for healthy scalp and gorgeous locks).

12) How to get beautiful skin? Scandinavian beauty tips:

Scandinavian women spray or splash their faces with icy cold mineral water. Not only this trick can help you get rid of facial puffiness, but also, it will leave your skin fresh, healthy and firm.

13) How to get healthy hair? Beauty tips form the Philippines:

Women from the Philippines, usually, have gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair. Here is their beauty secret: they condition their hair with Aloe Vera gel. Not only Aloe Vera can prevent dandruff and hair loss, but also, it can work wonders moisturizing your locks and boosting hair shine. To prepare Aloe Vera hair treatment use the gel from the fresh Aloe Vera plant (be careful of sharp spikes along the adages of the plant); if you use fresh, jelly-like inside part of the fresh leaf, make sure to puree it in your blender; if not, you can buy Aloe Vera gel in health food stores. Apply it on your wet, already washed hair, as a conditioning treatment (you can also combine it with your regular conditioner). Let it sit on your hair for about 5-10 minutes, then, rinse Aloe Vera out. Enjoy beautiful, shiny and healthy hair!

14) How to get beautiful skin? Russian beauty tips:

Russian women love improvising with natural beauty treatments. Here is one of the greatest homemade natural face masks I’ve ever tried, that one Russian friend of mine recently taught me to prepare: soak up 2 table spoons of plain oatmeal in warm water and wait until oats turn into a soft paste (wait for about 5-10 minutes), add 1 table spoon of olive oil and 1 tea spoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice; apply this mask on your face and neck (make sure your mask isn’t hot when you apply it on your face). Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. This facial treatment will nourish and hydrate your skin, making your face look glowing with health.

15) One of the best kept beauty tips of Latin America women:

Women in Latin America have their own amazing beauty secret – it’s avocado. Not only they love eating it (it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids), but also, they use it for various hair and skin beauty treatments.

Here is one of the simplest ways to make an avocado face mask: blend one fresh, ripe avocado and add a little bit of milk; apply this mask on your face for about 10 minutes, then, rinse. Avocado will nourish and moisturize your skin, “deleting” all the dryness. This face mask is great for normal or dry skin types, but it’s not suitable for oily, acne prone skin.

How to get healthy hair with avocado? Here is how you can use avocado for lustrous, shiny hair: blend 1 avocado, 1 banana and 1 table spoon of olive oil together; massage it into the roots of your hair, spreading the hair mask to the length. Let it sit on your head for about half an hour; then, shampoo and condition. Enjoy beautiful, shiny, healthy hair!

16) Another French beauty tip:

If you wonder how to get rid of nail stains – soak your fingers in lemon juice for 5-10 minutes, just like French ladies do it.

I hope you find these beauty tips, tricks and secrets useful.